Bike is an ideal way to see numerous beautiful sights of Gorski Kotar, and more than 400 kilometres of cycling trails make it easy to get to almost any corner of this green mountain paradise, from thick picturesque forests through rivers and streams to peaceful and soft meadows. The trails follow local roads and forest paths that make cycling a real pleasure of visiting this tranquil landscape, and small inhabited places nearby offer a great chance to try local dishes of Gorski Kotar. More on cycling in Gorski Kotar and cycling trails can be found

Hiking and Nordic walking

Plethora of footpaths and hiking trails make Gorski Kotar a great place for strolls as well as for more challenging hiking and climbing tours. Well maintained paths are ideal for visitors of all ages so family visit to natural attractions of the area is easily made on foot. There are 16 mountain guest houses situated by the trails that offer great food and drinks so that everyone who decides to visit nature on foot can have a real refreshment on their trip.


Rafting on Kupa river is a real treat for all adrenaline lovers and fans of an active vacation in nature and also a great opportunity for a refreshment in hot summer months. Its upper flow that runs through Gorski Kotar is still wild and untamed which makes it perfect for this kind of adventure. Besides rafting boats, one can take a ride in canoes and kayaks down the river as well, and besides a few winter months, river is suitable for rafting almost the whole year.

Canyoning in Vražji prolaz (Devil’s passage)

Vražji prolaz canyon offers a chance of descend down the fast mountain stream Jasle between steep and narrow cliffs. Although great physical strength is not necessary, agility is still required for this adventure that is definitely not so easy to forget. Going down the numerous waterfalls with water roaring and unbelievable natural scenery all around will leave no adrenaline lover unimpressed.

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Domus Vita Villas & Chalets Rental is a new chain of villas and vacation homes in one of the greenest and most beautiful regions in Croatia, Gorski Kotar, a fairytale-like place of century old forests and deep blue lakes.
Gorski Kotar as an Inspiration.
Region of Gorski Kotar, still little-known, shelters comfortable and exclusively furnished vacation homes. Find an ideal accommodation for your vacation and explore the unspoilt beauty of this hidden gem in the mountains.


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